Sweet Delight

Part One
Dazzling Sunshine for everyone

Sunshine Magic Dress

Handmade is Beautiful

Every item is designed with love in London and handmade in limited quantities by a highly-skilled single seamster/seamstress. Custom sizes are also available.

Pink Magic Dress

Red Dreams

Bow Cake Dress

Cutest embroidered tulle

Butterfly Dream Maxi Dress

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Elegant & Sexy

Aurora Butterfly Gown

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Every girl has a dream to be part of a fairy tale. 

Fairy Tong can make your enigmatic dreams come true…


Cannot wait to wear my blue Aurora dress for my birthday celebrations later this month! And thank YOU for designing & making such beautiful prices that make mine (and others) fairy tale dreams come true!


I’m in love with my Cinderella dress! It made it to the hotel and I got so many compliments on it! I loved my butterfly top too!

Courtney. B

I plan to use my Aurora Butterfly dress throughout the weight loss journey. Just because when I wear it or hold it in my hands it’s feel magical. I feel that almost everyone of their outfits will leave you with that vibe. 


I’ve never been so happy or felt so aligned with a brand. So many people asked me today where this beauty came from. It’s magic. 🦋 I am in love.

Elle. V

The butterfly top is such amazing quality, it's so so beautiful!!! I can't wait to wear it on my travels. It's literally my fave top right now.


The unboxing of this dress was literally an experience, I felt REGAL, haha❤️How insanely cute is the hand written note! Everything is so so cute!

Eva. R

This dress genuinely made my 2020. I CAN'T WAIT TO SHOOT IN THIS because your work is UNREAL and INSANELY BEAUTIFUL!

Jessie. P

Just wanted to say that the Snow White Dress was perfect for our vineyard trip! It was a dream😍thank you so much!

Megan. M

I just received my Alice dress about half an hour ago. Oh my god it’s so beautiful so delicate and such beautiful detail and craftsmanship. I am really blown away by the dress. Can’t wait to buy more. The packaging is beautiful too x

Maria. L