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Custom Rose Princess Gown

"I have never loved a dress as much as I love my custom rose princess dress! A million thanks to the wonderful team at Fairy Tong for taking the time and effort to work with me to create this beautiful dress of my dreams! I felt like an actual fairy princess at my wedding reception! The poof! The sleeves! The gorgeous periwinkle color! The volume of the skirt!! The spin! You guys absolutely nailed it, it was exactly what I wanted, and wearing it makes me feel like a beautiful princess!!"

- Evangeline C. @nisayell

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Custom Aurora Butterfly Set - Baby Blue

"Thank you all so much for creating our Elke's beautiful dress, she has loved wearing your gorgeous creation!" 🦋

- Glynnis W. @mrsbizzywizzy

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Custom Aurora Butterfly Gown - Lavender

"I wanted to say thank you so much for the dress, I really loved it as it isn’t my normal style but It was perfect my friends and family loved it as I wore it for my 21st birthday! I honestly can’t wait to wear it again for a little shoot that I’ve planned, can’t wait to buy another dress soon!"

-Samira @Samira_skz

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Custom Aurora Butterfly Dress - Pink

"I've ordered this for my 30th birthday in January! It's so so beautiful. The design is absolutely amazing."

- Amber @a.whimsical.wanderer

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