Fairy Tong x FUZE Annual Show 2022

We are so honoured to have contributed our designs to the FUZE annual show 2022 in Bristol!
The show was so inclusive and phenomenal! We couldn’t love it more!
Fairy tong  x fuze 2022
FUZE is the UK's largest charity fashion, dance & music event.
Not only do they raise money for issues facing our generation: racial discrimination, homophobia, transphobia and mental health, but they also promote and grow young creative talent!
Fairy tong  x fuze 2022Fairy tong  x fuze 2022Fairy Tong x FUZE 2022
Fairy Tong x FUZE 2022 Fairy tong  x fuze 2022
Thank you so much for having Fairy Tong!
Fairy tong  x fuze 2022
FUZE 2022

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