How to Dress Like a Modern Princess

She dances ballet, adores pink and all things princessy.
Today, Sophie Beth (@xosophiebethanyrose) is going to show you 'How to dress like a modern princess' by wearing her favourite Fairy Tong dresses.
"The fanciful essence of each piece provides an allure of wonderment that when you step into a Fairy Tong garment you feel as though you have been transported into a new realm", Sophie says, "A detail which impressed me most about Fairy Tong was the quality of their pieces. I love to invest in pieces which last and have longevity – you can expect nothing less than perfection from this beautiful brand".
"One of my favourite dresses is the Snow White Maxi dress, and I love the fact that each dress is lovingly handmade with time and care, mirroring the diligent work of the petites mains of haute couture. Thus each garment has a unique story which helps me to fulfil my own fairytale".
"The second dress which I fell in love with was the Aurora Butterfly dress - it has a fitted bodice with a full-flouncy skirt. The layers of pink tulle and intricate embroidery of sweet butterflies re-creates the wondrous walks in nature which princess Aurora experienced as Briar Rose".
"The sleeves flutter in the most whimsical manner and remind me of butterfly wings". 
"The third piece which I adore so much will make you dream of glass slippers, dainty blue birds and pretty pumpkins…The Cinderella midi-dress is adorned with delicate lace and a dainty rose-bud design. Its floaty style reminds me of the wings of a bluebird ~ the puff-sleeves remind me of Cinderella’s dazzling evening gown and adds a touch of cottage core chic!"

 Sophie's favourite book lists:

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